Wait and see

Hello thanks for the response, and let me tell you what I’ve been learning with HTML and CSS, I have created a site, on my own, and will soon get it live on the internet, but this is to thank those sites that have helped me learn what I know, and what I need to Know, to be a good Web Site Designer.


Life is to short

Let me begin by saying this, I in no way am trying to get sympathy from anyone, but I haven’t been on this blog in some time now due to health issues and, I’ve been working on learning and using HTML, and CSS to maybe enhance this site and maybe create something I can truly call my own, if you wonderful people are still following this site give me a week or so and I’ll make some changes and update this site and it’s contents, I am working on getting myself healthier so I can continue this project and my other studies as well. I am learning HTML and CSS from http://www.codecademy.com/ So check it out

New Things and Ideas

Well I have had roller coaster of a ride with my heart, doctors gave another medicine to help increase oxygen and blood flow to my heart, seems to be working. But that has left this site undone, so my goal is to make this site, something people will come back to and enjoy, as well. I will continue to add links, and when I am able start posting pictures and videos, also my astronomy site will be under construction and being updated. Blogging on this site is something I chose to begin, its time I see it through and give you people, a reason to keep coming back. So please continue following, and things will begin to move forward

Still Here

My life has been quite busy, no excuse for not posting before now so forgive me and know things are good both in my life and work also. things have kept me from spending the time I have wanted to do with this site but I have been working on a schedule that will allow me to spend enough time here on this site and my other interest


I am very thankful for the people who have played a big role in my life this week, first to my nephew because he stood by my side on the side of the road Thursday, we were on the way to work, thought I was having a heart attack might as well been, my wife Lisa, family and friends, the doctors and nurses, my bosses at work, and all who came in contact with me at Baptist hospital I had to get a stent put in my heart to regain blood flow in the left side of my heart, I had a 75% blockage, but I can’t and want forget about all my family, my wife’s family and even friends who showed me some major love and support this week, even those that haven’t seen me yet because I know they were praying and most importantly I am thankful to God, for being with the doctor as he did surgery, the nurses for taking good care of me after surgery, and to be able to sit here today and write this and being with my loved ones and friends. Yes there has been some changes already but there will be a great deal more over the next few weeks, months, and, years. So to all who has been by my side this week, I love you people and promise to make the changes so I will be around a great deal longer.

A Little More Information

well lets just say since my post please have patience, been busy at work with full-time job getting lots of overtime, have not  spent as much time making things better here, so with what time I do have, let’s do some things that will hopefully keep people coming back to this site, lets see how the following links will work

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thanks to those of you who have been regular followers, and continue watching , will be doing some more research on wordpress.com  on how to make things more informative and interesting